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In Kigali, a bustling city in Rwanda, there is a plot of land measuring 300 square meters that can be divided into six smaller plots. Here are six potential plot configurations for this space:

  1. Residential Plots:
    • Four residential plots: Each plot measures 75 square meters (7.5m x 10m), allowing for the construction of compact houses or apartments.
    • Two commercial plots: Each plot measures 150 square meters (10m x 15m), suitable for small businesses, cafes, or shops.
  2. Community Park:
    • One community park: The entire 300 square meters is transformed into a green space with benches, trees, and pathways, providing a serene and recreational area for the local community.
  3. Mixed-Use Plots:
    • Two mixed-use plots: Each plot measures 150 square meters (10m x 15m), offering the possibility of combining residential and commercial spaces, such as ground-floor shops with apartments above.
  4. Office Complex:
    • One office complex: The 300 square meters is utilized for a small office building with multiple floors, providing workspace for various businesses or organizations.
  5. Restaurant and Garden:
    • One restaurant plot: A 200 square meter (10m x 20m) space is dedicated to a restaurant building, and the remaining 100 square meters (10m x 10m) is transformed into a charming garden for outdoor dining and relaxation.
  6. Educational Center:
    • One educational center: The 300 square meters is allocated for a small school or training center, featuring classrooms, offices, and recreational areas for students.

These are just a few possibilities for how the 300 square meter plot could be divided and utilized in Kigali. The actual usage would depend on local regulations, zoning laws, and the specific needs and preferences of the community.


  • Lot Area:
    300 sqft
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