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a plot of land available for sale, measuring 520 square meters, which includes a banana plantation. This plot offers the potential for agricultural use and other development opportunities.

Size: The plot measures 520 square meters, providing a moderate-sized area for various purposes. It is worth noting that a portion of the plot is dedicated to a banana plantation, indicating existing agricultural infrastructure.

Banana Plantation: The presence of a banana plantation on the plot presents an advantage for those interested in agricultural activities. It suggests that the land has already been utilized for banana cultivation, potentially offering a source of income or an opportunity for further expansion of the plantation.

Potential Usage: The plot with a banana plantation can be utilized for multiple purposes. The existing banana cultivation can be continued and expanded, providing a sustainable agricultural venture. Additionally, the remaining portion of the plot can be utilized for other agricultural activities or potentially developed for residential or commercial purposes, subject to local regulations.

Investment Opportunity: The combination of available land and an existing banana plantation presents an investment opportunity for individuals interested in agricultural ventures. The established plantation may provide immediate returns or serve as a foundation for further agricultural development.

Conclusion: The plot for sale, measuring 520 square meters and including a banana plantation, offers potential buyers a unique opportunity for agricultural activities and other developments. With an existing banana plantation in place, the plot provides a foundation for continued cultivation or expansion. The remaining portion of the land can be explored for other agricultural uses or potential residential/commercial development, depending on the buyer’s objectives and local regulations.


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