Privacy Policy

Some privacy laws like the GDPR require that you inform customers of their rights within your privacy policy. Specifically, there should be a simple way for all users to view, change, transfer, or delete the data you have collected or opt out of data collection entirely.

Include a clause in your policy explaining the process customers can follow to make a data request.

Furthermore, include contact information, like a specific email address or web form, that customers can use to make the request.

Our Terms

Because you run an ecommerce business, you should also outline your ownership over any unique software, screen displays, web page designs, or HTML coding used on your website or app.

Within this clause, you should list the materials that belong to your business and outline rules and restrictions that apply to outside parties who might try to use your materials. You might also consider including a copyright disclaimer.

Once again, the iTunes terms and conditions, pictured below, does a good job listing out the different properties and materials that they maintain the rights over.