Plots for sale in Bugesera

10000 sqft


A vast plot for sale in the center of Bugesera town with 10,000 square meters offers a substantial land area for potential development. Here’s an explanation of what you can expect from such a plot:

Size: The plot encompasses an expansive area of 10,000 square meters, which is equivalent to approximately 2.47 acres or 1 hectare. It provides a large land space with ample room for various development possibilities.

Location: The plot is situated in the center of Bugesera town, making it conveniently accessible and potentially offering proximity to essential amenities, services, and transportation hubs.

Usage: With a plot size of 10,000 square meters, there are numerous potential uses and development opportunities. Here are some possibilities:

  1. Residential Development: The plot can accommodate the construction of multiple residential units, such as apartments, townhouses, or a housing complex. The substantial size allows for the creation of a community or a large-scale residential project.
  2. Commercial Development: The plot offers potential for commercial ventures such as retail centers, office buildings, hotels, or mixed-use developments. Its central location can attract business opportunities and provide a strategic advantage for commercial purposes.
  3. Recreational or Institutional Facilities: The size of the plot may be suitable for recreational or institutional facilities such as sports complexes, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, or community centers. The ample space allows for the construction of buildings, parking lots, and outdoor areas for specific purposes.
  4. Industrial or Warehousing Purposes: The plot’s size might be suitable for industrial or warehousing purposes, accommodating factories, manufacturing facilities, or logistics centers. Its central location can provide logistical advantages for businesses.
  5. Land Development: The plot can be subdivided into smaller parcels for individual sale or further development. This allows for flexibility in utilizing the land for multiple purposes, such as residential and commercial projects or selling smaller plots to interested parties.


  • Lot Area:
    10000 sqft
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