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There are 10 plots of land available for sale, each priced at 4 million units of currency (not specified). Each plot measures 15×20, indicating their dimensions in meters. These plots offer a convenient size for various purposes, such as residential or commercial development.

Location: The plots are located in an unspecified area, offering the potential buyers the opportunity to inquire about their specific location. The location’s characteristics, amenities, and attractions may vary depending on the specific region or city where the plots are situated.

Size: Each plot measures 15×20 meters, resulting in a total area of 300 square meters per plot. This size provides enough space for constructing a comfortable home or establishing a small-scale commercial establishment.

Accessibility: The accessibility of the plots depends on their individual locations. It is important for potential buyers to inquire about the specific accessibility features of each plot, such as proximity to main roads, public transportation, and essential amenities.

Potential Usage: The size of the plots makes them suitable for a variety of purposes. Potential buyers can consider constructing residential buildings, whether it’s a single-family home or a multi-unit housing complex. The plots also offer opportunities for small-scale commercial development, such as retail shops or offices, depending on local zoning regulations.

Investment Opportunity: The availability of 10 plots at a consistent price point presents an investment opportunity for interested buyers. With the potential for residential or commercial development, the plots can be seen as a means of diversifying an investment portfolio or generating rental income.

Conclusion: These 10 plots of land, each measuring 15×20 meters and priced at 4 million units of currency, offer potential buyers the opportunity to develop residential or commercial properties. Their specific location and accessibility features may vary, so interested parties should inquire for more information. With the flexibility in usage and the potential for investment returns, these plots represent an attractive option for those looking to invest in real estate or establish their own property.


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