Muganza plots for sale

600 sqm


A plot of land available for sale in Mount Kigali, situated directly on the road. The plot measures 600 square meters and is priced at 7 million units of currency (not specified). This plot offers an excellent opportunity for various types of development.

Location: The plot is located in Mount Kigali, a scenic area known for its elevated position and panoramic views. Being situated directly on the road, it provides convenient access to transportation networks and nearby amenities.

Size: The plot measures 600 square meters, offering a significant land area for potential development. This size provides ample space for constructing a sizable residential or commercial property, depending on the buyer’s requirements and local regulations.

Road Frontage: One of the notable features of this plot is its direct access to the road. This frontage ensures excellent visibility and accessibility, which can be advantageous for commercial ventures or for those seeking convenient transportation connections.

Potential Usage: Due to its location on the road and its size, the plot presents various possibilities for usage. It could be developed into a residential property, accommodating a spacious home or potentially multiple units. Alternatively, it could be utilized for commercial purposes, such as a shop, office space, or a small business.

Investment Opportunity: The plot’s location on the road in Mount Kigali, coupled with its size, represents a promising investment opportunity. The demand for well-located properties and the potential for growth in the area can provide attractive returns for investors or individuals looking for a long-term asset.

Conclusion: The 600 square meter plot for sale in Mount Kigali, situated on the road, offers an excellent opportunity for development. With its prime location, direct road frontage, and ample size, it holds potential for both residential and commercial purposes. Interested buyers can explore the possibilities for constructing their dream property or leveraging it as an investment for future growth.


  • Lot Area:
    600 sqm
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